Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cabinet and Dinette Assembly Details

This first photo shows the bridge trunk panel described in the previous post and how it fits in the head compartment unit. The narrow box-shaped unit to the left is an electrical trunk, and to the right is the shower unit with curved door sections in place.

This is a view looking straight on into the galley. The square holes are access opening into compartments under the side decks. The galley counter to the right has a cut-out in the facing under it where the refrigerator and freezer will be fitted. The sink will be fitted into the counter to the left, and in the middle section there will be drawers and a microwave unit.

Below is a view of another custom shop form, this one used to make the curved panels of the dinette seat risers. You can see where these are fitted in the last photo of this post.

This is one of the panels after removal from the form. It has been filled and faired and is ready to be fitted.

The outer ends of the dinette unit begin with straight panels that meet the large inside curves shown above. The transition from the straight to curved panels requires yet another small outside radius corner. On the table below, you can see this outside radius corner in the form we use to glue it into the edge of the straight panel. By pre-assembling this on the work bench, we can insure that the corner will be formed at the right angle to meet the large inside curve.

Below is view of the dinette before the curved parts of the seat risers were installed. The sloping plywood edges in the immediate foreground here are the edges of the bulkhead separating the main salon from the V-berth. This is a view of the dinette as it appears from the forward cabin.

Below is partial view of the assembled dinette. Here you can clearly see one of the curved seat riser panels and how it transitions by way of the outside radius corner to the straight panel.

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