Sunday, April 6, 2008

Taking it to the Hull

At this stage, with all the major components of the interior built and assembled in their relative locations in our shop, we now have to take the entire unit to the Liberty Yachts facility where we will fit each component precisely to the interior curvature of the hull. This can only be done on site, and after the proper fit is achieved the entire interior will be brought back to the shop for finishing.

The first photo below shows the interior with a strongback fitted inside to allow moving it with damaging or distorting anything. The interior is rigged for lifting with chainfall hoists attached to the strongback and the overhead beams of our shop.

Here the trailer is backed into position for loading the interior. Before we could do this we had to move the hulls of the Tiki 30 catamaran we are building outside of the shop to allow access to the rear where the Liberty 42 interior was built.

We've done this a few times, so the trailer is set up for the move and the crew knows exactly what to do.

It's an oversized load, but we've got the truck to pull it and the distance is not too far. The fitting process will take a few days working on site at Liberty Yachts, then we expect to be moving the interior back into the shop within a week's time.

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