Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Galley and Head Compartment Assembly

As described in a previous post, all the exposed corners of the interior cabinetry and furniture are fitted with custom-made radius curves resulting in a contemporary look with no sharp edges to be damaged or injure the crew in a seaway. We use several different radius sizes, depending on the corner, and have jigs set up in the shop for each size needed. Below is a 3-inch radius corner in one of the jigs. This one is 8-feet long, and goes on the corner of the unit housing the head and the electric panel trunk.

In the same unit, there is a curved shower door. The photo below shows the form we use to laminate the top and bottom panels of the door. (The panel pieces are on the back side in this photo.)

This is the back of the galley cabinet unit that is fitted just forward of the head compartment. We build the cabinet to full depth with squared off corners on the backside, but much of this back half will be cut away to fit the unit to the inside curvature of the hull. The fitting is done on site, by lowering the unit into the hull with a chain hoist and cutting and grinding away the back until the fit is close. Final fitting is done in a process we will describe in more detail when we get to that stage, but when it is done the back of this unit will match up exactly with the curve of the hull, then it will be brought back to the shop for fitting drawers and other components.

On the table in the photo below you can see the bridge trunk frame that goes into the forward end of the head compartment. Here, we have glued in corners of solid juniper wood so that the edges can be routed to a finish profile. A mirror will be fitted on the interior side of this panel, which is removable for access to the steering cables, bridge wiring and plumbing.

This photo shows the head compartment and the galley cabinet unit from the front side. We assemble big cabinets like the head unit with square corners to keep everything straight, then the corner is cut away and the formed radius piece like the one in the top photo is fitted in its place.

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