Monday, May 19, 2008

Assembly of Components and Priming for Painting

The V-berth is built and has been primed for painting.

Here is the galley area, with a view at the bottom of the cabinets showing the toe-kick area under the cabinet faces. The opening to the right is the refrigerator cabinet with guide rails installed that will insure a snug fit.

This view of the dinette seating area shows the ring frames upon which the foot rest ledge will be built. The ring frames create openings in each side of this landing to allow access to the table pedestal mounting bolts. The hole in the sole between these two ring frames is the receiver for the pedestal, which is made of 6-inch PVC pipe laminated over with veneer.

This view of the foot ledge with the face installed shows the toe kick space beneath on the inboard side.

The small cabinet here with primer inside is located behind the toilet.

This is the vanity cabinet assembled, showing the blocks routed into the outside face to receive the door hinges.

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