Friday, May 9, 2008

Beginning the Interior Fit-Out

This is a view from the outboard side of the galley. You can see that the epoxy fillings at the edges of the bulkheads and shelves where they meet the hull interior have been sanded flush with these surfaces. The solid wood pieces loose on the shelves here are juniper blocks that will be installed at the top of the cubbyhole openings to take the hinges for the doors.

Below is the teak frame for the shower door opening.

This frame will finish out the opening and a shower curtain will be hung from the inside.

In the V-berth area we are installing plywood blocks to take the drawer slides.

These drawers will be fitted in the aft end under the V-berth for convenient storage. Beneath these drawers is access to the bow thruster motor.

In the forward end of the V-berth there is more storage beneath, accessed through lift-out ports. The clamps below are holding the rims upon which these lift out ports rest.

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