Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trimming Tri-cell Edges

This first photo shows the complete table pedestal assembly mentioned in the previous post. The 6-inch PVC leg will be covered with wood veneer to match the rest of the cabinetry. You can see the access openings through the ring frames at the base. There are two pieces of steel angle on either side of the pedestal tube, drilled for a 1/2-inch through bolt that goes right through the tube and locks the table in place, yet is easily removable when the table is not needed.

This photo looking into the galley shows how we are fitting solid teak filler blocks into all the openings cut into the Tri-cell panels. The core is routed out and the teak block goes a half inch into the edge.

In the galley you can see the tall opening to the left side of the central cabinet that will house a bank of 4 drawers. The microwave fits on the shelf just to the right of these drawers.

This tall opening is also for drawers, and will house five small ones when finished.

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