Friday, May 23, 2008

Installing More Tri-cell Edging

Every cut edge of the Tri-cell panels used in the interior construction have to receive a wood or filled-epoxy edge treatment. All the openings that are visible in the finished interior, or that will be fitted with doors or drawers, are trimmed in teak, as shown in the previous post. The photo below shows the teak casing that is used to trim the top edges of the Tri-cell panels in the V-berth. These are visible when the bed is lifted for access to the compartments below.

There are also exposed top edges in the vertical panels that make up the dinette. The newly installed teak edging can be seen in the photo below.

This is the small hanging locker forward of the dinette, also showing the teak edge casing we've just installed. The two horizontal sticks of wood shown in the opening are actually wedges pushed into place to hold the casing firmly while the epoxy sets.

In this view looking into the compartments below the V-berth, you can see we have cut three new openings in the forward most bulkhead to allow easy access to this storage space. The edges of these two triangular openings and the one central rectangular one, are filled with epoxy, rather than teak, as all this area will get painted. Just aft of this bulkhead with the openings, you can see two shelves, port and starboard, to improve the organization of this storage area.

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