Monday, May 19, 2008

Cabinet Components

Below are the parts that make up the cabinetry in the head compartment. To the right is the cabinet that goes behind the toilet. The unit in the foreground and the tall unit behind it are the two parts of the vanity cabinet, where the sink will be installed. The smaller low piece in the back ground is the riser that fits beneath the vanity to provide a toe-kick space.

This view of the forward part of the dinette shows the cut-out in the seat back to port, where the edge of the table leaf fits in under the seat cushion when not in use. Beyond the dinette, you can see the aft face of the V-berth. The large cut-out in this panel will be fitted with drawers (removable for access to the bow thruster motor through the access panel below).

In this view of the storage space below the V-berth, you can see a perpendicular wooden bracket mounted on the forward side of the bulkhead separating the drawer space from the below bunks storage lockers. This bracket is the mounting location for an electric rack & pinion lift that raises the bed to allow access to this storage space.

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