Monday, May 5, 2008

From the Hull Back to the Shop for Finishing

The fitting of the interior to the hull it is being built for has been completed and the interior assembly is now back in our shop for the trim and finish work. To give the reader a better idea of how we temporary fit and then remove the interior, the following photographs were taken while the assembly was in place in the hull.

This first photo is an exterior view of the hull itself.

Here you can see the interior and where the main cabin bulkhead will be from the perspective of what will be the cockpit.

Looking past the bulkhead into the port side of the interior, we have a view of the dinette beneath the rough outline of the portlights in the coachroof, which has also been temporarily fitted.

Here is the galley counter and cabinets, in the starboard section of the interior across from the dinette.

The head and shower compartment, along with the electrical trunk can be seen in the aft end of the starboard side, looking through from outside of where will later be the main bulkhead.

Here is a view of the V-berth and the compartments beneath it, as it will be fitted in the forward section of the cabin.

With adjustments made and our thickened epoxy mating surfaces intact that match up exactly to the hullsides, we can now return to the shop with confidence that the finished interior will drop right into the hull when it is time for the final installation.

Below is a view of the assembly as it arrived back at the shop. This wide load of a roughly boat-shaped object with no sides and bottom must have surely turned some heads on I-95, but the main thing is that we got it back in one piece despite losing a tire on the trailer right before arrival.

Here is another view of the interior assembly as we prepare to back it into the shop. If you click on the photo to view the large version, you can see the epoxy mating surfaces along the edges of the bulkheads and shelves.

Here the interior is being lowered back to the platform in the rear of the shop where it will stay until the final finish work is done. Lots of details will follow soon as we begin the process of installing veneers and trim.

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